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IAOH Vadodara branch has published first issue of quarterly in-house magazine, Read Here

Dr. Rakesh Bansal has shared latest malaria treatment guidelines. As information being a bit old (WHO-2010 and ICMR- 2011); many of you might have come across it. Nevertheless, it is shared at the most appropriate time to review and refresh it in view of monsoon being set in India. Read Here. New Malaria Guidline & WHO Malaria Guideline

Dr. S. R. Pingle, IPP-IAOH India- publication of his article titled ‘Occupational Safety and Health in India: Now and the Future’ in the 50th anniversary issue of an international journal, ‘Industrial Health’ published by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan.  Read Here

Dr. Ashish Arora has shared  a very useful article related to assigning medical fitness to work for occupational health physicians working in organizations dealing in manufacturing/handling of food products. Though this has been derived from U.K. based laws, most of these are also applicaple for us as per FSSAI regulations. Read Here

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